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Support in your back pocket?

~ Back Pocket Coaching! 

Message access for real time support within office hours. 

When you're stuck on a decision, find yourself spiraling the wrong way, or need targeted support for a specific project or challenge, this option is budget friendly yet powerful and convenient to ensure you move forward toward your goals. 

"Your Action Plan" call is an excellent beginning. Bundle the call and the Back Pocket Coaching and save $100. 

Action Plan & Back Pocket Coaching Bundle
Back Pocket Coaching is for Me!

Healing your physical body so your Quintessential Self has a place to live

Your body is a Sacred Vessel; it is the Temple where your Quintessential Self resides. Your healing journey back to wholeness can begin now—before it costs you copious amounts of stress, peace of mind, loss of mobility and money. Give yourself the gift of healing, self care and time, and honor your Sacred Vessel with revolutionary, leading edge products and practices you deserve. 

Get the support needed to prepare your body for necessary surgery, tackle the brain fog, increase stamina, recover from a health challenge. 

Choose from two options if you are ready to take your health to the next level or desire to get it back on track. 

Your body is a miracle. Honor it with high quality foods, nutrients and practices.

I am ready to help if you're ready to say YES to yourself.

One Consultation


  • Phone or zoom conversation - up to 45 minutes - to assess your concern and goals.
  • Written protocol sequence outlining products and their usage.
  • When appropriate, a 90 day sequence will be created for you. 
  • You may purchase the suggested products through me or your own sourcing.
  • One 15 minute follow up for questions.
  • Reasonable support via email. 
I Choose This!

90 Day Health Support


  • Phone or zoom conversation - up to 45 minutes - to assess your concern and goals.
  • Written 90 day protocol sequence outlining products and their usage.
  • Reassessment session (15 minutes) after 30 and 60 days.
  • Email access throughout your 90 days.
  • You may purchase the suggested products through me or your own sourcing. 
I'm Ready for MORE!

Your Invitation to a most exclusive, sacred journey

The Quintessential Woman lives within you and She has been patiently waiting for you to fall into relationship with Her in a more tangible way. She’s been waiting, which implies She’s been watching.

She would very much like to walk beside you rather than watch from the sidelines.

Are you ready? If so, I and my Quintessential Self are ready to help!

Learn more about Quintessential

Meet Marita Rahlenbeck, your Guide and Mentor on the Quintessential and Wholeness Path 

Marita Rahlenbeck, CEO of Harmonic Wholeness, Soul Mentor and Transformational Coach helps women move from Quietly Unhappy to Bold, Confident and Courageous on their way to embody the Quintessential Woman they really are — they just need to uncover her. She is the author of Living with Grace ~ A Story of Love and Healing, Leaving Paw Prints on the Heart.

As an advocate of living a holistic, clean lifestyle, she loves to teach on these topics and relies on Young Living Essential Oils to elevate her life for optimal mind, body and soul health! With 20+ years experience and education in the aromatherapy field, she is frequently the go-to woman for help in this and other health/wellness concerns.

Marita also loves to cultivate an appreciation for the Sacred in everyday experiences — experiences we sometimes take for granted and maybe even complain about — and elevates them to what she calls Sacred Mundanity. This spills over into her work with individuals and groups alike.

Marita is very skilled at holding space to help women seeking to learn more about themselves. She sees and Knows which words and ideas to use to spark your each new level of learning and knowing.

 Sometimes when we have something presented to us a certain way, it opens up our access points to our own Inner Knowing. I feel Marita is really good at this and is a good person to work with.

Sarah Bremer